PKR-026: FAILURES - s/t 7"

Released August, 2009

TEST PRESS - 106 copies

100 black vinyl (rejected)

Numbered out of 100 with hand made sleeve, sold on June 5-8, 2009 weekend with Mind Eraser and Sex Vid.

6 black vinyl (approved)

No sleeve

FIRST PRESS - 1039 copies

229 white/gray vinyl

Color ranges from solid white to gray marble
(float mouse over white image to see gray)

810 black vinyl

SECOND PRESS - 546 copies

332 clear vinyl w/ large hole

314 clear vinyl w/ small hole

These were made a couple days after the first batch and they forgot to punch the center holes out.

8-10 yellow vinyl (part of the 314 clear)

Found a few of these randomly mixed into the second clear batch.

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