PKR-012: THE INMATES "Assholes Unanimous Presents..." LP


This record was originally released by Human Stench in 2002, and we ended up using their plates to repress the lp so there are no test presses, and the vinyl has HUMAN STENCH #9 A and B side matrix numbers.

FIRST PRESS - 615 copies

615 black vinyl

A-side labels have stylized INMATES logo and PAINKILLER 012 catalog number, b-side is plain black.
The first batch of records had the wrong labels and a flaw in the a-side of the vinyl, we kept about 20 copies and the other 600 were returned to the plant and destroyed. A-side label has INMATES in plain text and HUMAN STENCH 9 catalog number, b-side label has Non Commerical Records logo.

SECOND PRESS - 300 copies

300 pink vinyl

Correct labels on both sides.

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