PKR-006: MIND ERASER "Cave" 12" - Relased Nov. 2004

Split release with COLLAPSE RECORDS (CR004)

TEST PRESS - 20 copies

20 black vinyl

These were made in a couple batches, as the first set of plates were destroyed in the pressing machine during the initial test run. Giant M on the front, giant E on the back... from the same source as the Void logo.

FIRST PRESS - 1025 copies

1025 black vinyl

* 50 with screen printed record release sleeve (top left)
* 975 with regular sleeve (bottom left)

This record got off to a disastrous start... first the stampers were destroyed while the test presses were being made, and the initially planned record release show had to be scrapped. When the records showed up, the box with the second set of stampers had been smashed by UPS. Then the covers showed up and there were major problems with the spines being off center. Some copies with the bad covers were sold on the Mental/Righteous Jams/R'N'R Dec. '04 - Jan. '05 tour, and the other 900+ were thrown in the trash. Eventually the covers were reprinted and things went smooth from there. The record release copies have a small brown xeroxed insert. The record release art can also be spotted on the cover of Hardware Fanzine #2, a Sheer Terror shirt, and a few other places.

SECOND PRESS - 238 copies

108 black vinyl w/ screened cover

Another long, tumultuous story on these guys... we had about 150 sets of labels and covers left over from the first press and the band decided to have some more lp's pressed on colored vinyl for their summer '05 tour with Say Goodbye. So a new (3rd) set of stampers was made, Bob (Collapse Records) took charge and the fun began. The Friday the records were to be pressed, the plant's equipment broke down. It was fixed after the weekend, and the records were pressed some time later in the week, already a few days behind schedule. When they were picked up, Bob realized the records had been pressed on black instead of the blue that we requested. So the plant pressed up a new batch of color copies with blank labels and sold us the black ones for 1 each, and delivered the color copies to the promoter of the first show of the tour just in the nick of time.

Black vinyl copies were sold at Posi Numbers 2005 with screened sleeves and a new insert. The new Mind Eraser logo was drawn by the one and only Jay Bil.

132 clear blue vinyl w/ plain black labels

Technically these were pressed second but sold first. The color ranges from an aqua blue to clear with blue and purple streaks. Regular cover and insert.

THIRD (FINAL) PRESS - 109 copies

109 gold vinyl

Made to fill out some leftover covers we found in the 8 Burney vault. Stamped a-side label, PKR logo b-side label.

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