PKR-005: THE PROWL "The First Room On The Left" 7"

TEST PRESS - 6 copies

6 black vinyl

Somehow the plates reached the plant before our order did and they went ahead and made six test instead of the 12 we planned to order. Oops...

TOUR PRESS - 109 copies

109 black vinyl w/ blank yellow labels

These were pressed up before the actual first press (the real labels weren't ready in time) so the band could have new material to sell on their summer '04 tour. 109 were pressed but they are numbered out of 100. Various sleeve images were shot for the cover off of a TV screen from the infamous Psycho "shower scene", with a clear acetate overlay of the band's logo. Another "get the records the morning of the first day of the tour and put them together half an hour before the band comes to pick them up" type deal.

FIRST PRESS - 993 copies

12 clear purple vinyl

These weren't ordered, but were found in the middle of a box of black vinyl copies.

84 pink vinyl

Some cool mixed copies on this one. The 3/4 sized thin paper sleeve was inspired by the old Dangerhouse singles.

827 black vinyl

70 black vinyl w/ screened sleeve

Made for the band's two reunion shows 8/10-8/11/2007

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