PKR-004: CLOSE CALL "The Miller Sessions" 7" - released April 2004

TEST PRESS - 10 copies

10 black vinyl

Contains four songs that were outtakes from the band's 2nd 7" on Gloom Records.

FIRST PRESS - 339 copies

339 yellow vinyl

One-sided w/ blank labels and screened B-side

Originally the idea was to press 200 copies to sell at the last two Close Call shows in spring 2004. The plant ended up requiring 300 copies, and the band only played one of the two shows, so we were left with about 200 extras. These copies ended up being sold through mailorder. 30-40 copies have white labels instead of yellow, and the first 100 or so (sold at Gloomfest '04) were screened with matte poster ink. We switched to glossy enamel ink when we realized the poster ink flaked off easily. Lots of copies had the screen on the wrong side and were thrown away. B-side artwork taken from one of the many Painkiller art bibles. All first and second press copies include a large poster insert. Also the back of the sleeve lists Painkiller #6 as a Breathing Fire 7" which ended up being a cassette demo.

SECOND PRESS - 133 copies

133 green vinyl

One-sided w/ blank labels and screened B-side

These were pressed for another potential last show that didn't happen (Jan. '05), and again the records went to mailorder instead.

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