PKR-003: GET DOWN "s/t" 7" - released October 2003

TEST PRESS - 113 copies

113 black vinyl

* 10 copies with test press sleeve (top)
* 100 copies with screened record release sleeve (bottom)

Another typical PKR rush job where the records came the morning of the record release show. 110 tests were ordered, 113 showed up. The extra three ended up in regular sleeves and were given away. Record release copies have the same poster insert as the regular pressing and are numbered out of 100, the inside of the sleeve is stamped PEDRO VS. ROGER EDITION to commemerate the Sox vs. Yankees playoff game that night. Sold at the first Get Down / last Suicide File show.

FIRST PRESS - 1051 copies

321 pink vinyl

730 gold vinyl

There are a few mixed color copies but the colors are thin so they aren't all that exciting. One gold copy was found with a blank B-side label.

Inserts were printed as needed - most copies come with an 11x17" insert, later copies of the gold vinyl have a smaller insert.

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