PKR-002: STOP AND THINK "Both Demos" 12" - released July 2003

Split release with Lockin Out Records (LOR-04)

TEST PRESS - 11 copies

11 black vinyl with screen printed sleeve.

Originally 12 test presses were ordered, but only 11 ever made it to us. The first batch was picked up from the plant and delivered to us in person by the illustrious Jon Westbrook when Knife Fight came out on their first east coast tour in summer '03. To our surprise there were only five copies in the box. The plant then sent six more copies to us, bringing the total up to 11 copies. It's unknown if these were misplaced from the original batch or a new set of six. Sleeves and vinyl are numbered 1-11 out of 12.

FIRST PRESS - 1048 copies

1048 black vinyl

* 300 copies with Straight Ahead parody sleeve and insert
* 748 copies with regular sleeve and insert

Straight Ahead covers were made for Posi Numbers 2003 since the regular covers were not ready yet. This began our typical practice of having the records being rush delivered to us the morning of a big show / first day of tour / etc. These were literally assembled in the car while driving 90mph from Boston to Wilkes-Barre, and 300 records have never sold so fast at a show before or since. One regular copy was later found without a B-side label, it looks weird.

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