PKR-001: THE A-TEAM "Clusterfuck" 7" - released April 2003

TEST PRESS - 13 copies

12 black vinyl

Our first release. Test press cover shot taken summer 2002 on the "Despots Of Debauchery" (D.O.D.) California tour with Last In Line.

A 13th large hole test press exists, see blue vinyl info.

FIRST PRESS - 1135 copies

321 orange vinyl

Some orange/black mixed copies exist.

814 black vinyl

* 664 copies w/ regular sleeve
* 150 copies w/ 2003 summer tour sleeve, #/150, sleeve designed by Good Old Rich Perusi

About 100 of the black vinyl copies were made with the A-side pressed off-center and were subsequently replaced with new copies by the pressing plant. Technically the replacements were pressed separately but they are impossible to tell apart from the original black copies.

SECOND PRESS - 101 copies

101 blue vinyl

Blank b-side label with "Oh peace kid" stamp, #/100 (101st copy not numbered)

These were made to sell at Posi Numbers 2003, as the first pressing was sold out and the band didn't want to make a full second press. These were pressed at a different plant than the first press, and one large hole test press exists. The B-side label had to be left blank because the plant deemed the original artwork "pornographic" and refused to use them.